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Established in 2004, Abacus Finance adheres to the brand philosophy of “Integrity, Quality, Focus and Reliance”, providing high-quality loan services to corporate and individual customers with efficient service and excellent customer experience. We aim to build a financial brand, trusted by Australian loan customers.

Why Abacus Finance.


Our Process.


Our Process

The steps to let us help you is easy, smooth and stress-free. You simply need to follow the following four steps to become our clients and you will be pleased to obtain a suitable loan with the lowest interest rate you may get in the market!


Our Results.


Our Results

Over the past 15 years, we have submitted thousands of applications and consistently maintained a high approval rate of over 90%, far above the industry average. With over 1.5 billion successful settlements, we’ve earned fabulous reputation amongst our clients.


Our Lenders.


Our Lenders

The success of Abacus Finance is due to our close ties with more than 30 lending entities to obtain up-to-date information on their promotions and policy adjustments.


Our Network.


Our Network

Our loan services are concentrated in multiple professional areas, and the business network between China and Australia gives us more advantage and insight for our strategy. With our branches located in major cities in Australia and China, our clients are from the whole Australia and China.


Our Experience.


Our Experience

Since its establishment in 2004, Abacus Finance has had 15 years of industry experience. Our professional knowledge has helped over four thousand clients develop loan solutions.


Our Team.


Our Team

Abacus Finance gathers professional mortgage brokers who always put the best interests of their customers first and are committed to maintaining an efficient and smooth loan process.

Service steps.


Call us today to arrange an appointment with us and our professional loan broker will answer your questions patiently. We will review your scenario, find a solution that suits your needs and negotiate with the potential lenders.
Your determine .
You determine which bank to go to and which loan product to apply for after considering our recommendation. Our professional team will guide you through the preparation of relevant materials.
update the progress.
We submit your application to the lender and update the progress of the application for you.
approval successfully.
You get loan approval successfully. After this, we will continue to send you follow-up notifications. Our team is with you each step of the way and beyond!

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Close ties with more than 40 lending entities to obtain up-to-date information on their promotions and policy adjustments.